125th Celebration

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Featured Friday address by City Council member Sherry Garrison

Subject: Deer Park founder Simeon West

Friday, December 15 at 11AM

Location: Deer Park Public Library

Historical presentation - Tuesday, December 19 at 5PM

Location: Municipal Court and Theater Building and Heritage Park

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On Tuesday, December 19, the Deer Park City Council will take part in a special presentation in honor of the City’s 125th Anniversary, recognizing three important pieces of City history. All citizens are encouraged to attend.

 Beginning at 5PM, the Council and a small group of guests will meet at Patrick’s Cabin to view the George Moffit Patrick Centennial Marker and its accompanying storybook/plaque, which details the history and movement of the marker from its original location at Dow Chemical.

From there, the group will walk across Heritage Park to the Municipal Court and Theater Building for the presentation of a black granite marker commemorating Deer Park's founder Simeon H. West, which has been permanently placed at the facility.

According to City Council member Sherry Garrison, who serves as the Historical Committee Chair, each item carries significant historical value for the City of Deer Park.  

“With approval from the Texas Historic Commission, we were able to move the George Moffit Patrick Centennial Marker from Dow Chemical to Deer Park this past April,” she said. “Now, the marker is located next to the historic representation of Patrick’s Cabin, and within walking distance of a special granite marker purchased as part of the 125th celebration. With this process completed, residents and visitors can view several pieces of local history in one location.”

Special Events

Now, on to our special events! If you’ve ever visited our City, you know we have lots of family-friendly activities to look forward to, from holiday-based celebrations like Fourth Fest or Reindeer Park to a series of free concerts held weekly from May to August in Dow Park! If you love theater, we’re also home to one of the last remaining dinner theaters in the state, and we’ll have four Art Park Player productions throughout 2017 that you won’t want to miss. We’re also planning special receptions around the date of our anniversary, as well as historical presentations throughout the year.

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce also has a lot going on, from their annual banquet to golf tournaments at our very own Battleground Golf Course to periodic luncheons, even large-scale community gatherings with live music and entertainment.

Finally, the Deer Park Independent School District will host an expanded Homecoming celebration in 2017, as well as other annual traditions like “Hello, Texas,” a chance for Deer Park High School students to showcase their musical talents.

Additional Events

Of course, that’s just the beginning of the exciting things going on during 2017. From the San Jacinto Day Festival and Battle Reenactment to the annual Strides for Schools Fun Run sponsored by Shell, there’s far too much to look forward to for us to fit on this page. Because we know you’ll want to stay up to date on all of our events, we encourage you to visit the Facebook pages below:

As the year goes on, we’ll post photos from our 125th celebrations to this page and to our Facebook accounts, and we encourage you to add your own using #DPTX125th.

Thank you for your interest in our City and in our 125th anniversary celebration! We look forward to seeing you in Deer Park!