Ride Along Program

The Deer Park Police Department has a Ride Along Program that allows citizens to ride with an on-duty patrol officer as an observer. This popular program provides a greater opportunity for the public to understand the work of police officers and to enhance the relationship between the Police Department and the citizens of Deer Park. Civilian observers must be 18 years of age to ride with a patrol unit.

Request a Ride Along

To participate in the program you must first submit to the office of the Chief of Police a Citizen Ride Along Request Form (PDF). Note: The Release of Liability statement contained in the form also grants the Department permission to conduct an NCIC/TCIC criminal history and warrant check of the rider / requester.

Once the Chief of Police has approved the ride along request, the applicant will be contacted and given the date and time of the ride along. We look forward to your participation. Please refer to Crime Prevention for other related programs such as the Citizen’s Police Academy.