Shepherd Program

Safeguard Your Loved One

As a guardian for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's, Autism, dementia or other mental impairment, you already face many challenges. If one of those challenges involves your loved one wandering away from home, Deer Park Police Department would like to be prepared to locate that person as soon as possible.

In response to a growing population fitting into these categories, Deer Park Police Department has developed a voluntary program designed to collect critical information in advance of a missing person search.

About the Program

The Shepherd Program is designed to collect information that is both critical in locating a missing person and required by the state to launch a Silver or Endangered Missing Person Alert.

The Endangered Missing person Alert is for any age. It bridges the gap between the Amber Alert for juveniles and the Silver Alert which is for 65 and up.

Collected information is treated as confidential and kept secure in the police department's communication center where it can be accessed immediately.

In the event that your loved one wanders away from home, information that can result in the quick return of your loved one can be disseminated quickly, accurately and in accordance with state law.

For more information on the Shepherd Program and to register, download the Shepherd Program Portfolio and Registration Packet.