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Does the city offer a property tax homestead exemption?
The City offer a 20% homestead exemption

For example a house valued at $120,000 with a homestead exemption would be taxed as follows:
120,000 x .20 = 24,000
120,000 - 24,000 = 96,000
96,000 x .7200/100 = $691.20

Tax Office and Utility Billing

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1. Does the city provide electronic delivery of utility bills?
2. What are the requirements for starting new utility service?
3. Does the city offer a property tax homestead exemption?
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8. How do I read my water meter or check for leaks?
9. when is my water meter read?
10. Does the city make adjustments for leaks or filling pools?
11. When is garbage picked up?
12. Where can I purchase garbage bags?
13. What are the city's water, sewer, and storm water rates?
14. Does the city offer automatic draft to pay my utility bill? if so, how do i sign up?
15. Does the city accept credit card payments? Are the payments accepted online or by phone?
16. What is the city's property tax rate?
17. Does the city offer an over 65 or disability exemption?
18. Where do I get more information on the value being assessed on my house or information on exemptions?