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Deer Park TV
DPTV is the City of Deer Park government access channel providing residents with local government information. Programming focuses on matters pertaining to city services, workshops and meetings, special events, public service announcements, and topics deemed by the city to be of benefit or interest to our residents.

To watch DPTV, turn to Comcast channel 16, Comcast digital cable channel 99, or AT&T U-verse channel 99.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Television
Texas Parks & Wildlife is a weekly nature series focusing on the incredible diversity of wildlife, scenic locations, and fascinating characters that make Texas unique. It's a television series for all outdoors! Read more about TPW Television

Catch brand new episodes on DPTV every week! Episodes air on Mondays at 2:30pm and repeat on Fridays at 9:30am.

October 17 & 21: Program 2501
Catching Copperheads, City Camping & Windy Water
Follow some folks as they catch copperheads for cancer research. Enjoy some city camping during the work week. Experience the windy waters of Port O’Connor.

October 24 & 28: Program 2502
Conservation Art, Seeing Selah & Hermit Crabs
Meet an artist whose prints raise cash for conservation. Learn about the legendary vision of David Bamberger. Watch a crowd of Hermit Crabs on Lavaca Bay.

October 31 & November 4: Program 2503
Biking Tyler, Desert Skies & Charlie’s Cannon
Bike between the tall trees at Tyler State Park. View the vast skies of the Trans-Pecos in black & white. Meet a man with a cannon and a purpose.

November 7 & 11: Program 2504
El Paso Paragliding, Blue Mountain & a Frog Pond
Fly high above the Franklin Mountains in a paraglider. Blue Mountain Peak Ranch owners are returning the land to its roots. Discover a homemade frog pond and see what animals it attracts.

November 14 & 18: Program 2505
Coastal Birds, Horned Lizards & Big Bend Plants
Travel with some dedicated birders along the Texas coast. Biologists work to restore the Texas Horned Lizard to its historic range. The plants in Big Bend may be prickly, but they serve many purposes.

November 21 & 25: Program 2506
Moving Gobblers, Wild Educators & Saving Sharks
Turkeys travel from Iowa to east Texas to help restore depleted populations. Project WILD takes teachers out of the classroom and into nature. Tagging and tracking sharks help biologists keep tabs on these top predators.