Permitting Online Portal (CAP)

Information about the Citizen Access Portal (or CAP) website.

CAP Website Link: Online Permitting Portal

(Please be aware, once you register for our online portal, you will not have access until we verify your company is registered as a contractor with the City of Deer Park, and that we have copies of your current licenses and insurance.  Once we verify, you will receive an email notification that your registration has been approved)

Permit holders now have the ability to apply for permits, make payments, print permits as well as schedule inspections and view inspection results all from this CAP site.

CAP is a real time data source where you can perform your own permit searches. Use the Permit Search Tutorial before performing any searches. Contact a permit clerk if you need assistance with the permit search. 281-478-7270.

If you are a permit holder you can manage your permit when logged in. Only permit holders should register, if you are not a permit holder you will only be able to view permit data.

Download the Instructions for Online Permitting and scheduling inspections.

Please contact a permit technician if you have any questions about this process.

Understanding Permit Terminology

When you log in to create your permit you will notice that there are Permit Types and Permit Work Classes

Work Class
Residential BuildingRES AdditionSquare footage is being added

RES Misc. Buildingstorage sheds, fences, carport, patio, driveway,
foundation repairs, generator slabs, etc.

RES Misc. Building Final OnlyRoofs, siding and any type of small residential
building project that will require only one final.
This could include some fences and storage sheds as well.

RES New Construction (SF)Construction of a new residential home

RES RemodelInterior work on a residential home

RES Swimming PoolInstallation of a new swimming pool
Residential ElectricalRES ElectricElectrical work on an existing structure

RES Electric Final OnlySmall electrical work that will only require one inspection

RES Electric New (SF)Electrical work on a new residential building
Residential MechanicalRES MechanicalHVAC work on a residential home

RES Mechanical Final OnlySmall HVAC work requiring only one inspection
Residential PlumbingRES PlumbingPlumbing work on an existing structure

RES Plumbing Final OnlySmall plumbing work requiring one inspection
such as a water heater.

RES Plumbing New (SF)Plumbing on a new residential home

RES Water MeterWater meter for a new residential home

RES Irrigation SystemInstallation of a new irrigation system

RES Irrigation MeterNew irrigation (water only) meter
Commercial BuildingCOM AdditionSquare footage is being added to a commercial

COM Misc. BuildingInterior build out of and existing building, generator slabs, roof,
fence, foundation repair, driveways, etc.

COM New Construction (SF)Construction of a new commercial structure
This normally includes the site work as well.

COM RemodelInterior work on a commercial structure

COM Site Work OnlyThe ’site work only’ permit can be pulled for
large commercial work in which you may want
to get started with the underground work while
waiting for the building permit to be approved.

COM Swimming PoolNew commercial swimming pools

COM Temporary OccupancyThe occupancy permit is needed when a business
changes names or owners or when a new business
is being opened.
Commercial ElectricCOM ElectricAny commercial electrical work

COM Electric Final OnlySmaller electrical jobs that will require only
one inspection
Commercial MechanicalCOM MechanicalAll commercial HVAC work

COM Mechanical Final OnlySmaller HVAC work that will require only
one inspection
Commercial PlumbingCOM PlumbingAll commercial plumbing work

COM Plumbing Final OnlySmaller plumbing work that will require
only one inspection

COM Water MeterInstallation of a new water Meter

COM Irrigation MeterInstall irrigation (water only) meter

COM Irrigation SystemNew commercial irrigation system