High Traffic Accident Locations

The City of Deer Park has a few high accident locations for citizens to be aware of to try to reduce the number of crashes in these areas. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 52% all accidents occur within a 5-mile radius of home and 69% of all car accidents occur within a 10-mile radius from home.

Types of Accidents

The reports on the crashes at these locations in Deer Park reveals that they are likely to share the same contributing factors, which usually involves:

  • Failure to Yield the Right of Way (taking unnecessary risks to enter the roadway, usually between esplanades)
  • Rear End Collision

Of course, most people would guess that the above contributing factors fall under one big umbrella of Driver Inattention. This issue is the true enemy on our roadways today. This involves doing anything behind the wheel that takes your attention away from the task of driving, i.e. using cell phones / smart phones, eating, adjusting a radio, putting on make-up, etc. Add to this the problem of people being in a hurried state of mind, driving too fast for the conditions that are present, and you have a recipe for a crash. A former insurance company attorney Michael Pines states it best,

Causes of Accidents

A major cause of these increased driving distractions is that people tend to have a false sense of security when driving close to home, or in familiar areas, a factor that could lead to the high%age of auto accidents close to home. Car accident safety experts recommend that when driving close to home, you should not be fooled into having a false sense of security.

Drivers need to be twice as cautious when driving near home and be on the lookout for distracted and careless drivers. Simply being aware of the fact that the likelihood of an auto accident increases dramatically the closer you are to home may save you from possibly becoming involved in a car accident.(Many Car Accidents Occur Close to Home, 2008).


The Deer Park Police Department will be increasing enforcement in these areas and seeking engineering solutions when possible. Please keep these locations in mind, and remember to pay attention and drive defensively.

For more information on this or other traffic issues, you can contact Sergeant I. Sawtell at 281-930-2152.

Most Frequent Accident Locations - 2017

3600 Center St. at Pasadena Blvd.

3700 Center St. at Hillshire

4900 East Blvd.

5600 SH 225 (near Center St)

6500 SH 225 (near East Blvd overpass)

4500 Center St. at Lambuth

100 Center St. (near Railroad Ave)