Surface Water Treatment Plant

Carl Small 1.jpgThe City of Deer Park has operated a Water Treatment Plant since 1989. The Water Treatment Plant is located at 2117 E. X Street and is under the supervision of Nicholas Cook.


Our purpose is to ensure that safe and potable water is provided to the citizens of Deer Park. Our responsibilities include drinking water analysis and water quality reports.

Water Bacteriology Laboratory

One of the unique features of Deer Park's Water Treatment Plant is the state-certified water bacteriology laboratory operated by the Public Works Department staff. Deer Park is one of a very few small cities in Texas to operate such a facility. Each month, this lab examines up to three times more water samples than are required by state and federal regulations. Through this aggressive testing program, the city is able to manage the water treatment process more effectively. 

Where Our Water Comes From

Deer Park gets surface water from Trinity River via Lake Livingston. This water is purchased from the City of Houston through the Coastal Water Authority. The City of Houston provides an assessment bimonthly of the water that comes from the reservoir, located north of Lynchburg Landing. The water quality assessment aids in planning the proper treatment of the water. Besides surface water, the City of Deer Park maintains three wells on standby. These wells could be used on an emergency basis if the raw water supply should be interrupted for any reason. These wells draw water from the Gulf Coast Aquifer.