Tax Office

City of Deer Park Tax Office 

A tax rate of $0.720000 per $100 valuation has been adopted by the governing body of City of Deer Park. 



$0.720000 per $100

 property tax amount = (rate) x (taxable value of your property) / 100 


You may ask, “What does the 2021 tax rate mean for me?”

Your taxes for the City of Deer Park are based on two factors: your appraised value (assigned by the Harris County Appraisal District) and the tax rate (adopted by the City of Deer Park). The City is adopting a tax rate of $0.720000 which is the same tax rate that the City had last year. What this means for you is that if your value and exemptions have not changed you would see the same amount due this year as last.  If you had an increase in value your taxes would go up. If you had a decrease in value your taxes would go down. Your taxes are going to fluctuate based on the value assigned by HCAD and could be more or less based on the appraised value. 

If you are over 65 your taxes have a ceiling where they will "not" increase unless improvements (example adding a pool, etc.) are added to the property.

For assistance with tax calculations or if you have any questions, please contact the City of Deer Park at 281-478-7231 or email


The Harris County Appraisal District sets the appraised value of taxable property within Deer Park. If you have any questions about the value of your property, please contact HCAD at 713-957-7800. 


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Important Tax Notices

See the Quick Links section for important property tax information


Tax Rate Adoption

The City of Deer Park adopts a tax rate every year which funds both the General Fund and Debt Service Fund of the City. In the tax rate calculation, the tax rate is split into two separate components - a maintenance and operations (M&O) rate and a debt rate. The M&O rate allows for funding of the day-to-day operations of the City, while the debt portion covers the interest and principal on bonds and other debt secured by property tax revenues. See the Quick Links Section on this page to view a ten year history of the adopted tax rate.


The Tax Department is a division of the Central Collections Office located in City Hall. This office is responsible for the collection of revenues in the form of property taxes levied on appraised values provided by the Harris County Appraisal District. If you have any questions about your appraised value or exemption status, please contact the Harris County Appraisal District at 713-957-7800 or online at

New Homeowners

New homeowners are responsible for changing ownership information with Harris County Appraisal District. This is to ensure that all correspondence, notices, and bills are received in a timely manner. Failure to receive a bill does not waive any penalty or interest.

Homestead Exemptions

Homestead exemptions are offered for homes purchased for use of primary residence. The city’s adopted exemption reduces your taxable value by 20%. For example, a home valued at $150,000 with a tax rate of $0.72 / 100 would have a bill of $1,080 without the exemption. With the exemption applied, the tax levy would be reduced to $864.

Senior Citizen Exemptions

Exemptions are also in place for senior citizens along with a tax ceiling. The year you reach the age of 65, the appropriate forms must be completed and returned to Harris County Appraisal District. Residents over age 65 may also elect to defer payments or pay in installments.