Most fire fatalities occur between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. - when most people are sleeping. Smoke from a residential fire can quickly kill the occupants. A smoke detector can save those lives.

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1. What is a fire inspection?
2. How can I prepare for the inspection?
3. What is the International Fire Code 2012?
4. How often will my business or property be inspected?
5. What if I have a question about the inspection and fire code violations?
6. Why does the city conduct Fire Inspections?
7. A Fire Inspector found a violation of the Fire Code in my building, what must I do?
8. How long do I have to correct the fire code violations noted on an inspection?
9. If I fail to make corrections to a fire code violation, what happens?
10. The Fire Inspector told me that a re-inspection is necessary, why?
11. Can I schedule a Courtesy Inspection or Fire Code Consultation?
12. Why am I being told I have to install a Fire Alarm System?
13. Why am I being told I have to install a Fire Sprinkler System?
14. Is my building is "Grandfathered" from having to meet current codes?
15. How is the occupant load for my building calculated?
16. When do I need a permit?
17. How do I get a permit application?
18. The Fire Inspector told me that a re-inspection is necessary, why?
19. There is a leaking fire hydrant on my street. Who is responsible for repairing it?
20. Why does the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department make so much noise when they respond to a call?
22. Is one smoke detector enough?
23. Where should I install smoke detectors?
24. What type of smoke detectors are there?
25. How do I maintain my smoke detectors?
26. What should I do if I hear a smoke detector's alarm sound?
27. My smoke detector is "chirping". What should I do?
28. Who do I call to complain about tall weeds, fire hazards or abandoned autos?
29. Why do so many fire apparatus respond to simple incidents?
30. How come I see fire trucks with full lights and sirens go through a red light at intersections and then, after they go through, they turn off their lights and slow down?
31. Why do I see firefighters cutting holes in the roof of a building on fire?
32. Who do I call about a fire extinguisher that doesn't work?
33. How can I become a member of the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department?
34. How do I get a copy of a fire incident report from the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department?
35. Where is Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office located?