Summer Youth Basketball

The Summer Youth Basketball League is back!  Our Summer Youth Basketball League is affiliated with the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) to provide more for our basketball program. Associating with them, helps to 1) level the playing field across the board in terms of skill, 2) eliminate the possibility of patrons playing for the “wrong” team, and 3) allow coaches and participants the chance to have a choice in being a part of a partial draft.

The summer league will have only one practice a week and will be a CO-ED league.  

The season will begin with practices on May 28 and games beginning on June 8 for 4 weeks.

More Information

  • Practices and the season will begin the week of January 9, 2024.
  • **Please note: If we do not have enough girls to form a separate division, they will be drafted to the boys' teams and play by boys' division rules. 
  • The Head Coach of each team will pick days/times/locations of practice.
    • You will be notified by the end of December, by the Coach, when and where practices are located.
  • Registration opens on April 1.
    • Early registration ends at midnight on May 19
      • $60 for Deer Park Residents
      • $80 for Non-Residents
    • Shirt size required when registering.
    • Only 80 spots are available for each division.
  • Ages 7-14 (child must be 7 by September 1, 2023)
    • The division in which your child will play is determined based on the child’s age as of September 1st of the current year.  This means a child who is 14 on September 1st but then turns 15 on October 1st, still gets to play in the 14U division.  
    • With so many participants in this program, we do not make specific accommodations for any players such as coaching preference, school practice location, transportation needs, game schedule needs, etc. except for siblings.  If you have multiple kids in the same age/gender division, they will be drafted to the same team (unless otherwise requested).  If the kids are in different age divisions, the younger child has the option to play “up” a division, but the older child cannot play “down.”
  • You can register over the phone at 281-478-2050 or online. 
  • Registration Ends May 19th at midnight! (or until the league is full)
  • Interested in becoming a Youth Basketball Coach?? Please fill out this form.
    • All coaches and assistant coaches are required to fill out and pass a background check.
    • Parents interested in coaching may receive 40% off registration per child (in the league they are coaching).
      • Parents must fill out an application and pass a background check before the discount is applied.
    • Contact Debra Culp for more information. 


  • Ages 7 & 8
  • Ages 9 & 10 
  • Ages 11 & 12 
  • Ages 13 & 14