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Residential Solicitor, Peddler, Canvasser Registration Application


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    2. City of Deer Park - Residential Solicitor, Peddler, Canvasser Registration Application - Ordinance #3670

      Each person, business, firm or corporation, making personal contact with a resident at their residence without prior specific invitation or appointment for the primary purpose of attempting to obtain a donation to a particular charitable, religious, patriotic, civic, fraternal, social service or organization, educational institution, philanthropic,  non-profit organization, welfare, benevolent, or for political purposes for the purpose of selling goods or services or distributing handbills or flyers for a commercial event or service, for enlisting support for or against a particular religion, philosophy, ideology, political party, issue or candidate, even if incidental to accepting donations of money for or against such cause, is required to obtain a license.  

      Completion of this form no later than the 12th calendar day prior to the event is required.

    3. Event Day(s) Contact / Responsible Party(ies).

      If additional space for responsible party names is required, contact  If not providing a valid Texas Driver's License or ID, it is still a requirement to provide a valid state issued driver's license or ID.   By typing your name below it represents the physical signature of the person.

    4. If Entire City:
    5. Type of License:*
    6. Note:  Time of Event allowed only between hours of 10:00 am to 30 minutes before sunset.

    7. Notification*

      By checking the box you acknowledge that you have read the legal notice and are aware of the ramifications of a violation of the City of Deer Park Ordinance No. 3670, and you further understand you are responsible for providing all responsible parties with a copy of the permit and ensuring compliance with the ordinance.  

      Ordinances can be found on the city's website - under City Secretary - Code of Ordinances.