Filing Requirements


(1) Shall be a citizen of the United States of America. 

(2) Shall be a qualified elector of the State of Texas under the constitution thereof and reside within the corporate limits of the City of Deer Park, having so resided continuously for a period of at least twelve (12) months immediately preceding the election.

(3) If an elective or appointive council member moves their place of residence outside the corporate limits of the City of Deer Park, their office shall be immediately and automatically vacant and a successor shall be appointed or elected as prescribed by the Charter.

(4) Shall hold no other paid public office or employment under the city government, except as may be provided by the Charter.

(5) Shall, if convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude while in office, immediately upon conviction thereof forfeit said office.

(6) Shall, within four (4) days from the date of their said election, qualify for office and shall assume the duties of office as soon as qualified.

(7) Shall, within twelve (12) weeks of said councilmember’s election, affirmatively swear that they he/she has read the City of Deer Park Code of Ordinances and the City of Deer Park Charter as amended through the date of councilmember’s election.

(8) Shall never vote upon any matter involving the consideration of their own official conduct, or in any way use the influence of office to effect the purchase, by the city, of any supplies, equipment or materials, nor shall any councilmember vote upon any issue affecting employment or any contract, job, work, or service for the city which would result in a material gain to them. In such event, said councilmember(s) shall not vote, but shall give their reason(s) for not voting, which reason(s) shall be written upon the minutes of council.

(9) Shall, when in attendance at a council meeting, vote upon every issue upon which a vote has been called for, and it is hereby provided that whenever a councilmember fails or refuses to vote when a vote of the council has been called for, that said member’s vote shall automatically be counted as an affirmative vote, save and except wherein the provisions of the Charter apply.

(10) If the mayor or other members of the council shall fail to maintain the foregoing qualifications, without acceptable valid excuse, or shall be absent from three (3) consecutive meetings without valid excuse, the council, at its next regular meeting, must declare a vacancy to exist and shall fill said vacancy as set forth in section 3.1 [3.12] of the Charter.