Regional Historical Attractions

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

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Officially opened in 1907 as the first state park in Texas, the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site proudly preserves a monumental chapter in state, national and international history. The 1,200-acre site commemorates the Battle of San Jacinto, preserving the battleground on which Texan troops under General Sam Houston achieved the independence of Texas by defeating a Mexican Army led by General Lopez de Santa Anna on April 21, 1836. Today, the site includes the Battleground, the San Jacinto Monument, and the Battleship TEXAS. While at the site, visitors may take the elevator up to the Monument’s Observation floor, 489 feet above the Battleground, and see the Houston Ship Channel from new heights! Then, tour the museum, watch the documentary “Texas Forever!! The Battle of San Jacinto” and pick up a souvenir. Finally, check out the 1,210-foot long trail and boardwalk, which features native prairie, tidal marsh and bottomland forest.  With walking tours, seasonal events and more, the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site is a perfect place for family time!

San Jacinto Monument and Museum 

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The San Jacinto Monument was dedicated on April 21, 1939 to the “Heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto and all others who contributed to the independence of Texas.” The monument includes a 570-foot shaft topped by a 34-foot star symbolizing the Lone Star Republic. Listed as the tallest stone column memorial structure in the world - even taller than the Washington Monument - the building was recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers with the designation as a State and National Historic Structure.  
Photos provided courtesy of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
The interior of the structure is operated by the San Jacinto Museum of History, a private, non-profit organization with collections spanning over 400 years of early Texas history.

Battleship Texas State Historic Site

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Battleship_TexasIn 1948, the Battleship TEXAS became the first permanent battleship memorial museum in the U.S. On April 21, 1948, the U.S. Navy decommissioned and turned TEXAS over to the State of Texas to be a permanent memorial. As the last remaining battleship that participated in both World War I and II, TEXAS is a testament to the dramatic changes that occurred in technology, warfare, and industry during the early twentieth century. With a wide range of visitor tours and programs, including Hard Hat Tours, confined space rescue training, and even chances to sleep over on the ship, students and visitors alike will gain fascinating insight into what life was like as a sailor!

Overnight Education Programs


Did you know you and your family could spend the night on the Battleship TEXAS?

All year long, the Battleship TEXAS Foundation offers overnight education programs, but they involve a lot more than just sleeping over in century-old vessel.

According to Bruce Bramlett, Executive Director of the Battleship Texas Foundation, participants in the overnight programs get exclusive access to parts of the ship not seen by normal visitors, as well as the chance to take part in special programming.

"We want to encourage not only visitors to southeast Texas but also area residents to come take part in our overnight education events," Bramlett said. "Aboard the Battleship TEXAS, you'll get to take a night tour of the lower decks, go on an informational scavenger hunt, and sleep where the actual sailors who lived on her bunked down for the night.

"These programs are offered year-round, so make sure to plan a visit!"

From October to May, overnight program admission is $42 per person, and the cost is only $32 per person between June and September. For more information, visit the Battleship TEXAS website!

Industrial Tank Murals

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Visitors who travel along State Highway 225 through the Deer Park industrial region will be captivated by the beautiful artwork adorning the sides of select storage tanks lining the roadway. Each of the seven images tell a story about the hardships in the fight for Texas independence. While you’re here, don’t miss the chance to take a drive and see each one in person!

“Destiny” sponsored by LyondellBasell 

“Discovery” sponsored by Vopak  

“Two Storms Passing” - Matching pair of  murals sponsored by Shell Deer Park 

“The Volunteers” sponsored by ExxonMobil 

“Spirit of Independence” sponsored by Vopak  

“Muddy Trail to Freedom” sponsored by the City of Morgan’s Point