Mission, Vision & Core Values

Parks and Recreation Mission Statement:

The Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing exemplary quality-of-life services and experiences to the community consistent with our history, culture, and unique character.


Parks and Recreation Vision Statement:

The Parks and Recreation Department’s vision is to provide innovative and inclusive parks and recreation experiences that foster community growth, promote healthy living, and conserve our natural and historical resources for all residents.  

Our Core Values 


We embrace the uniqueness of the City of Deer Park and incorporate that in advancing the health and well-being of our customers and residents through parks and recreation opportunities. 

Equity and Inclusion

We endeavor to increase accessibility and inclusivity of parks, facilities, programs, and services for all citizens.

Healthy Lifestyle

We inspire our citizens to pursue healthier lifestyles, which will create a more livable community.


We strive to provide well-maintained and safe parks and facilities to all citizens.


We develop and empower our employees to serve the community to increase the relevancy and value of department facilities, programs, and services.

A playground located at parkside place park